Sport and Medical
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Sports bra

     Our engineered, custom fitted bra is the answer for the active woman. Why? Because it is designed to give optimal support which means NO BOUNCE with out binding or compression. The design lifts and supports, holds you in place, giving you the freedom to be you best at your sport, whether it be yoga or running the track. It moves with you not against you, protecting your breast tissue and allowing the circulation of your breast to be complete.
    I heartily recommend every young girl, especially the well endowed, to protect their breast while playing sports. Even if they only use this bra for sports. My daughter started from puberty on with our bras and was and still is very active in sports and is now a referee for high school soccer as well as playing on 2 teams. It is never too early to start.

Posture Vests and Support bra

    Anyone who is suffering from back ache due to poor posture, scoliosis, work related activity can truly benefit from our posture vest. It gives the support with out restraining movement and no compression. It relieves pressure and gives comfort to your back and shoulders. My clients have used this for relief from back surgery, better posture, relief from consistent sitting at the office desk, quilters, woman truck drivers and more. Our bras being designed to release the pressure off the shoulders and back have benefited clients at physical therapists and chiropractors. There are no pressure points or compression. It improves their posture and gives instance weightlessness to the breasts helping maintain the adjustments and therapy.

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