Custom Fitted Bras for  Breastfeeding Mothers

Mom & Baby

J41Finally.... A Maternity and Breastfeeding Bra  and Long After Bra... All-In One   

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are the two times when your breasts are bigger and heavier than at any other time in your life. A supportive bra is more of a health issue than a fashion concern. And during this special time, Custom Fitted Bras provide the ultimate in lift, comfort, fit, function and styling.  

There are 5 different styles, all of which feature our patented "Bandarin" bra-within-a bra shelf that gently yet firmly supports breast tissue from beneath the breasts. And all styles open, providing easy access for breastfeeding without needing to remove the bra.

Our bras are designed to hold the breasts forward and high so that the apex of the breast (nipple) rests midway between the shoulder and elbow. This positioning is flattering for your figure because the upper torso (the narrowest spot on the body) is not obscured by pendulous breasts. The design is especially helpful when nursing because the nipple is easily accessible and positioned well for your baby to latch on. Additionally, having the breasts lifted helps to keep the breast from covering your baby's nBlack Laceose, enabling baby to breathe and swallow properly. 


  • Relieves neck, back and shoulder pain because weight is supported from below, not from the shoulder straps - reducing up to 80% of the weight off of shoulders
  • No underwires to poke, gouge, dig into or exert consistent pressure on the breast tissue which leads to blocked milk flow and plugged ducts
  • Reduces the loss of firmness, tone and resulting stretch marks on the breasts
    • Does not compress, fold or bind the breasts, which hinder milk production and can interfere with circulation and lymphatic drainage 
    • Reduces the stretching of the Cooper's Ligaments, eliminating sagging and drooping
    • Posture is improved due to contoured ribcage band (band is lower in the back and higher in the front) and patented construction
    • The incidence of restricted milk flow, mastitis and clogged milk ducts are lowered because bras are properly fitted and not too tight and constrictive
    • The patented "bandarin" inner breast shelf defies the effect of gravity, reducing "let down syndrome" which results in less milk leakage
    • Made of durable and high quality materials that won't stretch, retain oders or discolor
Natal Support

CradlelaceIt is a medical fact that many of the discomforts of pregnancy are caused by improper posture. Hormonal secretions during pregnancy cause joints to slacken (preparing to facilitate the baby's birth), thereby making it difficult to maintain proper posture without help.

Cradle 'n 'Lace and Lite 'n' Cool are patented revolutionary maternity support garments. Their  unique design and fabric help distribute your weight more evenly and eliminate unnecessary pregnancy discomfort.  Strain is eased while they provide firm support to your back.

The triangular fabric which is joined in the middle above the crotch is the most important part of the garment. When the end tabs are attached to the stretch Velcro on the back, the fetus in the womb is lifted and cradled while the weight is distributed around the body.

Our Pregnancy Support Shapewear is elegant, cool and comfortable with firm, adjustable support.  Weighing just a little over 3 oz., it is perfect for any time of the year.

  • Helps relieve pressure on back, kidney, bladder and major arteries
  • Helps prevent stretching of the skin
  • Helps prevent varicose and spider veins
  • Lifts and cradles the fetus
  • Helps distribute body weight evenly
  • Provides balance for the back
  • Helps posture
  • Garment grows with you throughout your pregnancy

Both garments are available in sizes Jr. Petite (pre-pregnancy pant size 1-3) to a 6x (pre-pregnancy size 38- 40).


Back-To-NormalThe same principle of fit applies to the Back-To-Normal Tummy Tuck as the Natal Support, except that it holds the abdomen in a different position. For the new mother, this design slightly lifts and gently supports her still swollen abdomen, allowing the organs that encountered the greatest stress and pull of gravity to heal in their proper position. As a result, you will experience greater comfort and renewed energy. It's the perfect follow-up garment to our Pregnancy Supportwear.

Back-to-Normal Tummy Tuck is a panty-type garment made of soft nylon and lycra knit with double strips of stretch velcro across the back that provide extra support, helping to alleviate chronic backache. Many women have reported that  it has helped them with menstrual cramps, has alleviated back problems and has given them great relief while standing on their feet all day.
  • Allows the organs that encountered the greatest stress and pull of gravity to heal in their proper postion 
  • Provides support to the pendulous tummy
  • Lessens discomfort from chronic backaches
  • Helps relieve menstrual cramping
  • Discourages diastasis (the separation of the two abdominal muscles)
  • Reverses the pull of gravity and anchors it in the back hip area which results in a feeling of renewed energy
  • Gives a feeling of stability
  • Protects post-operative sensitivity
  • Assists in post-operative healing 
  • Provides relief from a prolapsed uterus
  • Aids in healing after a cesarean section
  • Helps in restoring pre-pregnancy shape

This garment runs in sizes from Jr. Petite (pre-pregnancy pant size 1-3) to a 6x (pre-pregnancy size 38-40).


Dr. Mark Vaughn... the Lite N' Cool garment arrived this morning and my wife IMMEDIATELY felt the difference.  She is 30 weeks along with our 5th child and has never experinced back pain like she has with this pregnancy.  The support from the garment provide INSTANT relief - she had to get on the phone and share the news and insisted that I touch base with you to thank you.

Amy Helm... I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and still working full time.  Iam on my feet all night long.  By the end of the night, my back and feet hurt so much that I just ;want to sleep.  now that I am using your Prenancy Support, my back and feet are fine and I have so much enery.  My doctor also agrees and approves of your undergarment and tells her patients about it.

Elisa Townsend...  After having a baby, i was having lower abdominal pain and found that my waistline had expanded by 5 inches.  I decided to try your Tummy Tuck Garment to see if it would help.  It really worked!!  It gave my lower abdoment the support it needed and helped me trim my waistline.  It worked like a girdle, without the uncomfortable binding that girdles can cause.  Thank you for making such an exceptional product.