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​    I have been happily married to my wonderful high school sweet heart for many years. Together we have raised 3 amazing children and 5 beautiful grandchildren. 

   After graduating from Newbury College, I moved into my passion career with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retailing. I had the joy of experiencing the health, the fashion, and the beauty of working at major department stores: Weathervane, Jordan Marsh, and Outlet.

   As I raised my children, I expanded my horizons into skin care and color analysis for Lorte then Arbonne. I loved helping women use colors to transform and enhance their skin tone and flatter their figure.

   My most rewarding field that brought the greatest joy was in women’s lingerie and intimate apparel where I was trained for fitting custom fitted bras with Colese Coutures then Jeunique International for over 20 years.

   I used to be very frustrated when I went to find a bra that truly fits. Now as a certified professional bra fitter for 28 years, I have a complete understanding of your frustration and discomfort in finding bras that fit and support. That is no longer the issue with the comfort, custom and therapeutic fit of these engineered designed bras. You can have that support and comfort wearing your bra all day looking and feeling your best.

   I am able to personally fit you in your home or at my location. My ladies always say how much better it is than going to a store or boutique. They are so happy to finally have the support, comfort and proper fit with no back fat!  Also to find their waistline again!

  They love the one on one service and time I give them. Many express how patient and compassionate I am, at times with tears in their eyes.

    It gives me such joy seeing the results.

     Since then I wanted to offer more to my customers and I also believe in the importance of detoxifying your home with safer, natural products. When I became affiliated with a US manufacturer that offers quality, toxic free products, safer for our homes and environment as well as health products that are patented, naturally derived that we use every day at discounted prices.  I became very excited!

    I am able to share with you and help you open an online account to shop directly with the US manufacturer that is safer for you and your family, save you money and time. Many are gluten free and some organic.
   My clients are so happy to save money and have fresh products made in the US. with the convenience of having them shipped directly to their door. 

     My goal is to bring all of my life's experiences and knowledge I've accrued to help you become your personal best. I approach my business in a caring, nurturing way with an emphasis on helping you achieve your total, healthy, beautiful self.

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